There are so many recycling projects with aluminum cans



According to the author of the mill, the Vietnamese use these lamps during the war. You can also use these lamps to heat water. In addition the process to make this lamp is very simple and the materials are accessible to all. The result is simply spectacular and you can also reuse a very large material today.

How to make an oil lamp with a can.
Remove the lid of a can. You can do it by cutting with a razor blade and then use a pair of tweezers to remove the piece of aluminum. For safety I advise you to file the edge so you do not get cut.

Inflate the balloon or piñata and, with the help of a glass and a marker, circle the knot.

Cover the balloon with vinyl glue diluted in equal proportion with water, or with a paste that you have prepared with water and flour. You can directly submerge it, if you are using a small balloon, or do it with a brush part by part.With the help of a brush, cover the entire globe with pieces of kitchen paper. Place all the queue you need. This technique is called “cartapesta”. Crush the paper well with the brush to remove any marks or roughness. Make three layers. That will be enough to make it resistant but not opaque.

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