Making a lamp of this type is relatively simple and you may already have all the materials at home.

They are needed:
A wide glass jar
A flexible steel wire one and a half or two times longer than the height of the glass boat.
A wick
Olive oil

The construction of the lamp
Fold the steel wire so that it is held on the edge of the boat, inward, and be able to hold the wick.
Fold the other end of the wire in a spiral around the wick, so that the wick can be held vertically (as in candles). Make the spiral form a kind of pyramid, so that the bottom serves as a support.
oil lamp scheme
The operation of the lamp
About thirty grams of olive oil can last an hour or more; the cost is not higher than the candles. But it is possible to buy olive oil that is not suitable for human consumption but for burning, and is cheaper.

You can boil the olive oil with essential oils so that the combustion will give off a pleasant smell.

The benefit of olive oil lamps is that if they overturn, it stops burning, since it is not a very flammable material. They are much safer than other lighting options through combustion.

The materials
One of the benefits of using a glass can is that it can be closed and stored when not in use.
For the wick, you can use a cotton cord. To make it more durable, it is placed in a jar with salt water, leaving it to dry later. You can also buy braided wick, or use an old towel to create wicks.