These lamps, which are for sale in any home decoration, are ideal to give life, light and movement to any environment of the house but many times when buying it kicked for later and so the years go by and we continue seeing them only in stained glass. Today you can easily and inexpensively make your own lava lamp.

What do you need?

Small candle
Small can of preserves.
Glass container (try to make it a little bigger than the can as it will rest on it).
Fluorescent marker or coloring of the color that you like (preferably choose fluoride).
How does it work?
This lamp contains alcohol, oil and water and its operation is explained by a physical matter of different densities. The density of alcohol is less than that of oil, so when you combine them, one is on top of the other. With water, alcohol is diluted, making its density less than that of oil. In that case, the oil will still be above, but, when applying heat, the density of the mixture decreases and begins to rise above the oil. When the bubbles reach the top of the bottle, they cool down and come back down; and the cycle repeats itself.

To build it!
1. Echá, in the glass container, a very small measure of alcohol (that fill 1 or 2 centimeters the jar).

2. I poured a few drops of oil.

3. Take another bottle or glass, fill it with a little water and use the ink tube inside the pen (or the dye) to paint the liquid of the color you prefer.
4. Then slowly pour the water into the alcohol and oil preparation. You should see that the drops of oil rise above.

5. Once you have finished, complete the rest of the container with oil. Let sit a few minutes. You will have the mixture of alcohol and water in the bottom and above the oil.

6. Take the can of preserves, remove the lid and make small holes around it. I put the small candle in the center. Light it and place the glass container on top. In a minute you will see how the bubbles will become huge and will float inside your lamp!
Tip: once finished test it with ultraviolet light and you will see the effect it produces.