Remember that you can customize the lamp you want to make, either by choosing the color of the hemp thread or by dyeing the string of the tone you want (or to make a color gradient).

We will need:

✓ A ball or a balloon, which will be the basis of our lamp and what will allow us to shape it.
✓ Hemp threads
✓ Glue for this type of thread (it is advisable to explain to whoever sells the glue for what we are going to use it, to avoid buying one that does not serve us)
✓ Scissors
✓ Wiring to insert the bulb inside

Introduce the hemp thread or string into a container with the glue. Make sure that the glue adheres along the entire thread.

Take the ends of the thread and circle the balloon or ball from one side to the other. The idea is that the thread is stuck to the ball. To do this, they must make a small pressure and slightly tension the rope so that the lamp adopts the desired shape. Take into account that the more rope the thicker lamp has, the more light it will leave and, therefore, it will let less direct light pass by.

Once we have finished covering the ball with the yarn, we will let the glue stick dry for 24 hours. Once that time has passed, we have to extract the ball or balloon, either by bursting the balloon with a pin or by deflating the ball little by little until we extract it from the inside of the lamp, always with great care.

The next step is to introduce the electric mechanism inside the lamp so that it works. Those who are not sure of doing so can take the lamp to an electrician to insert the wiring and light bulb.